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Charles: Thomas!

Thomas: Wot?

Charles: Over there, that’s what! Deal with them!

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Thomas: Wait! Them bodies is sure to have loot on ‘em. Would be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Charles: Are you mad?! In case you’d forgotten, we’re in the midst of something.

Thomas: Aww. Why you always got to go spoil the sport?

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Ezio: What!? My pouch! - My money!

Corradin: Oh… your money… I don’t have your money!

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Song: I Want to Change the World
Artist: Leonardo da Vinci/Maria Auditore/Ezio Auditore
Album: Assassin's Creed II
Played: 358 times.

Leonardo: So, Ezio, what do you do?

Maria: He’s been working for his father.

Leonardo: Ah! You’re to be a banker?

Ezio: For now. And you? Art, was it?

Leonardo: Truth be told, it’s been difficult for me to settle. Painting is nice, but I often feel like my work lacks… I don’t know… purpose. Does that make sense? I’d rather contribute more practically. More directly, Architecture, perhaps. Or anatomy. I’m not content to merely to capture the world. I want to change it.

Maria: Oh, Leonardo! I have no doubt you’ll go on to do great things!

Leonardo: Vi ringrazio, Madonna. (I thank you.) That’s kind of you.

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Song: We Know Who You are
Artist: Lucy Stillman; Warren Vidic; Desmond Miles
Album: Assassin's Creed
Played: 402 times.

Lucy: You OK?

Vidic: I told you he’d be fine.

Desmond: Bastards!

Vidic: Now, now, I just saved your life.

Desmond: Saved my life?! You kidnapped me! You strapped me into that… thing!

Vidic: Animus. It’s an Animus.

Desmond: I don’t even know you people! Why are you doing this to me?

Vidic: You have information we need, Mr. Miles.

Desmond: Information? I’m a bartender, for Christ’s sake! What do you want me to do, teach you how to mix a martini?

Vidic: We know who you are. What you are.

Desmond: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Vidic: Don’t play coy with me, there isn’t time. You’re an Assassin; and whether you realize it or not, you’ve got something that my employers want, locked away in that head of yours.

Desmond: But I’m not an Assassin! Not anymore!

Vidic: Yes, your file indicated as much. Something about an escape. Most fortunate for us.

Desmond: What do you want from me?

Vidic: For you to do as you’re told. The Animus will allow us to locate what we need. Once we have it, you’ll be free to go.

Desmond: I am NOT going back in there!

Vidic: Then we’ll induce a coma, and continue our work. When we’re done, you’ll be left to die. Truth be told, the only reason you’re still conscious is because this approach saves us time.

Desmond: You’re insane!

Vidic: So what is it, Mr. Miles? Live or die? Lie down!

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Song: Genetic Memory
Artist: Desmond Miles; Warren Vidic; Lucy Stillman
Album: Assassin's Creed
Played: 324 times.

Desmond: Whoa… where am I?

Vidic: You’re inside the Animus.

Desmond: Which is…?

Vidic: It’s a projector that renders genetic memories in three dimensions.

Desmond: Genetic memory?

Vidic: Seems you’ll need a bit of a tutorial. Very well, we’ll start simple… what is a memory, Mr. Miles?

Desmond: It’s the… recollection of a past event.

Vidic: Specific to the individual remembering the event.

Desmond: Yeah, sure.

Vidic: What if I told you that the human body not only housed an individual’s memory, but the memories of his ancestors as well? Genetic memory, if you will. Migration, hibernation, reproduction. How do animals know when and where to go? What to do?

Desmond: That’s just animal instinct.

Vidic: Now you’re arguing semantics, Mr. Miles. Whatever you call it, the fact remains. These creatures hold knowledge, absent the requisite first-hand experience. I’ve spent the past thirty years trying to understand why. I’ve discovered something most fascinating. Our DNA functions as an archive. It contains not only genetic instructions passed down from previous generations, but memories as well. The memories of our ancestors.

Desmond: And the Animus lets you decode and read these DNA files.

Vidic: Precisely.

Lucy: But there’s a problem. This is the specific memory we’re trying to access. Unfortunately, when we try and open the memory, your mind withdraws. You lack the confidence to step into your ancestor’s body. That’s what happened earlier. You got knocked out of the target memory and pushed back to a more stable state.

Desmond: Why?

Lucy: It’s your subconscious. It’s resisting. We found similar reactions among patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events. They can’t jump directly into the specific memory. They need to be eased in. Even then, there can be problems.

Desmond: So how do we fix it?

Lucy: We find a memory you can synchronize with and move forward from there. You’ll get used to it. This is the closest we can get, so, it’s where we’ll have to start. I’m uploading the tutorial program now.

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Vance: Traitor!

Edward: It takes one to know one.

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Song: Thomas Hickey
Artist: Haytham Kenway/Thomas Hickey/Charles Lee
Album: Assassin's Creed III
Played: 1,144 times.

Haytham: Thomas Hickey?

Thomas: Who’s askin’?

Haytham: Haytham Kenway.

Thomas: Is that s’pposed to mean somethin’?

Charles: Show some respect, boy.

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Song: A Single Madman
Artist: Edward Kenway/Pirate
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 886 times.

Edward: Gentlemen! As is Custom among our Kind, we do not plunge headlong into Folly on the Orders of a single Madman, but act according to our own collective Madness!

The Object of our Attention is a square-rigged Galleon, and we want her for the Advantage she’ll bring Nassau. So I’ll put it to the vote…

All those in favor of storming this Cove and taking this Ship, stomp and shout “Aye!”

Crew: Aye!

Edward: Those who oppose… whimper “Nay.”

[0.5 second pause]

Edward: Never was the King’s Council so unified.

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Song: Mary Read and Anne Bonny's Trial
Artist: Judge/Anne Bonny/Mary Read/James Kidd/Official
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 972 times.

Judge: …You, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, are to go from hence to the Place from whence you came, and from thence to the Place of Execution; where you shall be severally hanged by the Neck till you are severally dead, dead, dead.

Anne: O rot!

Judge: May God in his infinite Mercy be merciful to each of your Souls…

Mary: We’re pregnant!

[le gasps and murmurs!] (too lazy to find the actual sound clip)

Mary: Do you all hear that?

Judge: What the Devil did she say?

Official: They plead their Bellies, Milord.

Anne: Aye! You can’t hang a Woman quick with Child, can ya?

[murmurs continue!] (still too lazy to find it)

Judge: Quiet! Quiet! If what you claim is true, then your Executions will be stayed, but ONLY until your Terms are up.

Anne: Then I’ll be up the Duff the next time you come knocking!

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