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Song: Take the Apple! No, wait! Don't!
Artist: Kanen’tó:kon/Kaniehtí:io/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington
Played: 984 times.

Kanen’tó:kon: Ratonhnhaké:ton! I died trying to bring down Washington, but I plead with you: do not pursue the Apple.

Kaniehtí:io: My son, I am so worried for you. The Sky Journeys have lead you astray. Give up your fight for the Apple, please, my son, please!

Connor: Now’s your chance! Take the Apple! Take it! TAKE IT!

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Song: We are Enemies
Artist: Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton/Haytham Kenway
Album: Assassin's Creed III
Played: 1,590 times.

Connor: Give me Lee.

Haytham: Impossible. He is the promise of a better future. The sheep need a shepherd.

Connor: He has been dismissed and censured. He can do nothing for you now.

Haytham: A temporary setback. He will be restored.

[Connor: We have an opportunity here. Together we can break the cycle, and end this ancient war. I know it.

Haytham: No. You WANT to know it. You WANT it to be true. Part of me once did as well. But it is an impossible dream.

Connor: We are in blood, you and I. Please…

Haytham: No, son. We are enemies. And one of us must die.]

The conversation in brackets are cuts from the game, but found in Forsaken.

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Adéwalé: When I became an Assassin, I swore to leave piracy behind, but the old methods have served the Creed more than once.

Quartermaster: ‘Everything is permitted’ after all, captain.

Adéwalé: Aye. And often it is necessary.

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Song: Alternate Methods
Artist: Achilles Davenport/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assasisn's Creed III
Played: 626 times.

Achilles: Welcome back. And how was Martinique?

Connor: Achilles… I… I owe you an apology… It was wrong of me to say the things I did…

Achilles: Your words were harsh, Connor, but there was also truth there. I failed the Order. Allowed the Templars to take control…

Connor: But now their hold is weakened, which makes me believe there’s a chance for peace. Imagine what might be accomplished if we were to unite.

Achilles: Why the change of heart? Where is this coming from? You’ve met your father, haven’t you.

Connor: I do not claim to trust the man - or even like him. But I would be remiss to ignore this opportunity.

Achilles: Haytham may listen. But will he understand? And even if he does, will he agree?

Connor: Even he must admit that we achieve more together than we do alone.

Achilles: I assume you’re off to find him?

Connor: Yes. I ride for New York to see what might be done.

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default album art
Song: Jacob Zenger
Artist: Jacob Zenger/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assassin's Creed III
Played: 482 times.

Jacob: Ah! Connor! Sit! Sit!

Connor: How are you Jacob?

Jacob: Missing the beer gardens back home - but I am well.

Connor: How did you arrive in the colonies?

Jacob: Like most other men like me. The Army. I was a Hessian for a time. It was a good job while I had it. I only felt it was time for something different once I arrived. Not long after I am meeting you so it seems my feeling was useful, no?

Connor: Certainly.

Jacob: I am hoping to send for my family when the time is right. But we are fighting a war of our own, and I will not put them at risk.

Connor: Hopefully things will die down soon.

Jacob: No rush, Connor. I am in their hearts, and they are in mine.

Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup :D

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Song: Espresso Drinker
Artist: Desmond Miles/Shaun Hastings/Lucy Stillman
Album: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Played: 1,382 times.

Desmond: We ever going to visit the head Assassins? I heard about this meeting place when I was younger.

Shaun: Apparently, it exists. Though I’m not sure because I’ve never been.

Lucy: You’ll get to see it once we have the Apple.

Shaun: Well, I expect amazing things. A private espresso bar for example.

Lucy: What a waste of money.



(image source: Assassin’s Creed Wikia)

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Song: Come join us, Edward Kenway!
Artist: Robert Faulkner/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington
Played: 524 times.

Faulkner: I forgot how a good sea battle could get my blood flowing! Sail around attacking ships. That’s the life!

Ratonhnhaké:ton: I know that feeling. It seems to run in my family.

Faulkner: Your father was a seafarer, then?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: My grandfather, Edward. He sailed with a rough crew, or so I am told.

Faulkner: For the king?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: For himself. But that is a long tale for another day, Mister Faulkner.

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Song: Everything is permitted?
Artist: Edward Kenway/James Kidd/Mary Read
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 740 times.

Edward: You walked me Blind and Backwards into this Mess, Kidd! Who the hell was that Jester back there?

Kidd: Ah Tabai, an Assassin. And my Mentor.

Edward: So you’re all part of some daffy Religion?

Kidd: We’re Assassins and we follow a Creed, aye. But it does not command us to act or submit… only to be wise.

Edward: Oh do tell. I’d love to hear it.

Kidd: ‘Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.’ This is the world’s only Certainty.

Edward: ‘Everything is permitted?’ I like the Sound of that. Thinking what I like, and acting how I please.

Kidd: You parrot the Words… but you do not understand them.

Edward: Don’t get haughty with me, Kidd. I followed you as a Friend, and you tricked me.

Kidd: I saved your Skin bringing you Here, Man. These Men wanted you dead for what you did in Havana. I talked ‘em out of it.

Edward: Well cheers for that.

Kidd: Aye. Cheers.

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Song: Teodora's "Church"
Artist: Teodora/Ezio Auditore
Album: Assassin's Creed II
Played: 456 times.

Teodora: What is it, my son? You want to ask me something?

Ezio: I do. Forgive me, but - why is it you wear a nun’s habit if you aren’t one?

Teodora: Well whoever said I wasn’t? Indeed, I am married to the Lord.

Ezio: And yet you are also a courtesan? You run a bordello (brothel).

Teodora: So? I see no contradiction. How I choose to practice my faith - what I choose to do with my body - these are my choices to make.

Like many young women I was drawn to the church, but grew disillusioned by the ‘believers’ of this city. Men hold God only as an idea in their heads, not in the depths of their hearts and bodies.

Men must know how to love in order to reach salvation. My girls and I provide that to our congregation.

No church would agree with me, I realized, so I created my own. It may not be traditional, but men’s hearts grow firmer in my care.

Ezio: Among other things, I’m sure.

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default album art
Song: Eagle Vision
Artist: James Kidd/Mary Read/Edward Kenway
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 562 times.

Kidd: Concentrate and focus all your Senses. Look past Shadow and sound, deep into Matter, until you see and hear a kind of Shimmering.

Edward: A Shimmering.

Kidd: You understand?

Edward: I think so. I’ve seen its like before. Glowing like moonlight on the Ocean.

Ah! Right. I know this Feeling. I have since I was a Lad. It’s like using every Sense at once, isn’t it? To see Sounds and hear Shapes. Quite a Combination.

Kidd: Every Man and Woman on this Earth has in them a kind of Intuition hidden deep away.

Edward: I’ve had this Sense most of my Life… only I thought it was related in some way to my Dreaming, or the like.

Kidd: Most never find it. Others it takes Years to tease out. But for a rare Few it comes as natural as Breathing. What you feel is the light of Life. Of living things Past and Present. The Residue of Vitality, come and gone. Any man’s Senses can be tuned well past what he’s born with. If he tries.

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