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"Mentor, say hello to your extended family." - Yusuf Tazim

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Do you have the sound file of the "Assassin Recruit's Whistle"?



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Song: The American Sea Monster
Artist: Connor Kenway;Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assassin's Creed III
Played: 701 times.

"People across Boston spoke of seeing the monster. Reports varied in the details but most agreed that it was long and black and only appeared in the presence of an old man. Turns out the creature was the old man himself, diving in the water with a contraption that allowed him to breathe while submerged. The machine itself was as startling as any monster, but I can assure you it is safe to sail again." - Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton 

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Song: The Parting Glass (Fan Made Variation)
Artist: Sarah Greene (Anne Bonny)/Charlotte Cumberbirch
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 499 times.

"The Parting Glass" (Fan Made Variation)

Consists of Anne Bonny’s vocal only version and the tavern’s instrumental version.

Not the best mix in the world, especially when the two versions are sung in slightly different tempo. 

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"Seriously, you’re embarrassing yourself! How do you expect to face the Pazzi if you can’t even run?" - La Volpe

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Melanie: This pair of legs is John, one of the wizards in IT. He’s just fixing something for you.

John: Not fixing. Calibrating.

Melanie: Calibrating, right.

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"All yours." - Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton

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Song: Billy Riley
Artist: Sea Shanty
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 561 times.

"Billy Riley" from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Old Billy Riley was a dancing master.
Old Billy Riley, Old Billy Riley!
Old Billy Riley, Old Billy Riley! 

Old Billy Riley, master of a drogher.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley! 

Master of a drogher bound for Antigua.
Old Billy Riley, Old Billy Riley!
Master of a drogher. Old Billy Riley!

Old Billy Riley has a nice young daughter.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!

Oh Missy Riley, little Missy Riley.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
Oh Missy Riley
Old Billy Riley!

Had a pretty daughter, but we can’t get at her.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
Had a pretty daughter, oh Old Billy Riley!

Screw her up and away we go, boys.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
Screw her up and, oh, Old Billy Riley!

One more pull and then belay, boys.
Old Billy Riley, oh, Old Billy Riley!
One more pull and oh, Old Billy Riley!

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When you post some thing that triggers lots of feels on a fandom before going to bed


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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Full Sea Shanty/Tavern Song Playlist


Includes those found in the official soundtrack and those heard in the gameplay. (Note: The list may not be complete.)

  • Admiral Benbow* [Λ]
  • All for Me Grog* [Λ
  • Billy Riley [Λ] 
  • Buleria* [Λ] 
  • Bully in the Alley [Λ
  • Captain Kidd [Λ
  • Captain Ward [Λ
  • Cheerly Man [Λ]
  • The Coasts of High Barbary [Λ
  • The Dead Horse* [Λ
  • Derby Ram [Λ] 
  • Down Among the Dead Men [Λ]
    • Instrumental Version [x]
    • Charles Vane’s Version [x]
    • Japanese Version [x]
  • Drunken Sailor [Λ]
  • Fathom the Bowl* [Λ] 
  • Fish in the Sea* [Λ
  • Good Morning Ladies* [Λ
  • Handy Me Boys [Λ] 
  • Hauley Hauley Ho [Λ] 
  • Hi-Ho Come Roll Me Over [Λ] 
  • Homeward Bound [Λ] 
  • Johnny Boker [Λ
  • Leave Her Johnny* [Λ
  • Lowlands Away [Λ] 
  • Maid of Amsterdam* [Λ
  • Paddy Doyle’s Boots [Λ] 
  • Padstow’s Farewell [Λ
  • The Parting Glass (Tavern Version) [Λ]
    • Instrumental Version [x]
    • Anne Bonny’s Version [x]
    • Anne Bonny’s Instrumental Version [x]
    • Anne Bonny’s Vocals Only Version [x]
    • Japanese Version [x]
  • Patrick Spens* [Λ
  • Randy Dandy-O!* [Λ
  • The Rio Grande [Λ
  • Roll and Go [Λ] 
  • Roll, Boys, Roll! [Λ
  • Roller Bowler [Λ] 
  • Running Down to Cuba* [Λ] 
  • The Sailboat Malarkey [Λ] 
  • So Early in the Morning [Λ
  • Spanish Ladies [Λ]
  • Stormalong John [Λ
  • Trooper and the Maid* [Λ
  • Verdiales* [Λ] 
  • 'Way Me Susiana [Λ
  • Where Am I to Go M’Johnnies [Λ
  • Whiskey Johnny* [Λ
  • The Wild Goose [Λ] 
  • William Taylor* [Λ]
    • Instrumental Version [x]
  • The Worst Old Ship [Λ

*Found in the official soundtrack.

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