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Hello! I've been looking everywhere and I cant seem to find it. I was wondering if perhaps you had the music from the mission "Castello Crasher" from Brotherhood hidden anywhere?


That would be “Countdown” which is another one found in the soundtrack… and another one I haven’t posted but will do now.



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Next year for Comic Con (if luck is on our side), we'll go as bitchin' Assassins.


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Song: Alternate Methods
Artist: Achilles Davenport/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton
Album: Assasisn's Creed III
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Achilles: Welcome back. And how was Martinique?

Connor: Achilles… I… I owe you an apology… It was wrong of me to say the things I did…

Achilles: Your words were harsh, Connor, but there was also truth there. I failed the Order. Allowed the Templars to take control…

Connor: But now their hold is weakened, which makes me believe there’s a chance for peace. Imagine what might be accomplished if we were to unite.

Achilles: Why the change of heart? Where is this coming from? You’ve met your father, haven’t you.

Connor: I do not claim to trust the man - or even like him. But I would be remiss to ignore this opportunity.

Achilles: Haytham may listen. But will he understand? And even if he does, will he agree?

Connor: Even he must admit that we achieve more together than we do alone.

Achilles: I assume you’re off to find him?

Connor: Yes. I ride for New York to see what might be done.

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Hi there. No question and no request, just wanted to say ,,Thank you,, for your wonderful work. <3

Also, your cross stitch work is amazing! <3

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"Ezio! Where have you been?! They wouldn’t let us leave. And mother… Uch! She hasn’t spoken a single word since we left the house. Father will need to sort things out… Where is father? And Federico? And Petruccio Hmmm?" - Claudia Auditore

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"I. Will. Not. Serve. You." - Aveline de Grandpré

Liberation’s Voice clips/Dialogues are now organized by “Memories

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Do you have the party where Connor is angrily shooting at Haytham and Washington?

You mean this?

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"Shall we?" - Haytham Kenway

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