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I'd like to see for your opinion; Is Charles Lee really a bad guy?

I never really saw him as a bad guy in a sense of pure evil. I think he was more of a guy who worked for bad guys who kind of went batshit crazy when his senpai Haytham died… though I’m basing my opinion on the historical Charles Lee than the one in the game.

Lee was power hungry and an all-around asshole, especially in order to impress his senpais superiors. He was pretty butthurt that he was passed over for Commander-in-Chief, so he verbally harassed Washington for the rest of his life. Sure he threatened a young child, was involved in the Boston Massacre, and plot of Washington’s assassination (the latter two he historically never took part in), but he was assigned to do those things, albeit in a cruel manner. As for his treachery to Washington at the Battle of Monmouth… well, I saw it as that his insubordination was a giant middle finger at Washington because he hated him that much.

TL;DR I think Lee was a Haytham fanboy that hated Washington so much that he’ll do anything to make him look like a big loser. 

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Song: ctOS_SENTINEL_100326_LEAK (Assassin's Creed Easter Egg)
Artist: Harold Davis/Justin Davis
Played: 459 times.


Harold: Why is he doing that?

Justin: He’s an assassin dad.

Harold: Well I mean… Why is he talking to the guy… he just killed?

Justin: It’s a confession.

Harold: Well that, that’s just dumb.

Justin: Dad please, you’re ruining it.

Fun fact: Justin and his father are playing Assassin’s Creed Revelations. The scene heard in the background is found here

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Song: Mary Read's Final Moments
Artist: James Kidd/Mary Read/Edward Kenway
Album: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Played: 3,379 times.


Mary: Put me down, Edward! Don’t die on my Account. Go.

Edward: You’re such a Pain in the Arse. Damn it, you should have been the One to outlast me.

Mary: I’ve done my Part. Will you?

Edward: If you came with me, I could. Mary?

Mary: I’ll be with you, Kenway. I will.

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Edward: You don’t do nothing Subtle, do ya, Thatch?

Thatch: Legends ain’t born from Mildness!

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"Madness? Nothing Mad about a Man fighting to Survive, is there!" - Charles Vane

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"Save your Singing for Davy Jones, you Jagabats! It’s a hard Wind coming!" - Adéwalé

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"Load the Cannons, ye Scrubs!" - Edward Thatch/Blackbeard

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'Arr, matey!'

'Shiver me timbers!'

'All land lubbers walk the plank!'

'Avast, ye scurvy scaverous seadogs!'

'Arr, me hearties! To the Devil and back.'

'Arr, consign their bones to Davy Jones!'

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys!

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What are your top 5 fav Connor speeches?

I feel like I’ve answered this before, but I can’t find it… oh well. In no specific order:


[x] The equivalent of Ash Ketchum turning his hat around for a Pokemon battle… kind of.


[x] Y’all still think he’s boring?

[x] I originally thought of putting part of this quote on my graduation cap, but I thought the meaning didn’t feel appropriate for the occasion so I didn’t.

Also, Connor’s farewell speech to Achilles is on my top 5 favorite AC quotes of all time list.

Here’s a bonus: [x]

As a celebration, which was your first upload back in September 17 2011? CHEERS! Happy celebration!


Thanks! The first post I made was the AC2 sfx collection I uploaded on Youtube.

Though for some reason, it says that I made that post on the 16th…

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