All Sounds of Assassin's Creed

This website is for the appreciation of the Assassin's Creed series. All sounds, images, scenes belong to Ubisoft and their respective producers/artists. I do not own anything nor am I associated with the company in any way.

Requests and submissions are welcome.



1. Why did you start this blog?
I wanted the “Leap of Faith” or the “Loot” SFX as a ringtone, and was looking around the web for rips of the sound when ran across this forum that explained how to extract sounds from the PC version of the game. I tried it and found +10,000 of all the sounds that were possibly heard in Assassin’s Creed II. After nerding all over the floor and wondering what to do with all of these clips for a few days, I came up with the idea of creating a blog dedicated to sounds from the Assassin’s Creed series. So on September 2011, “All Sounds of Assassin’s Creed” was born.

2. What can I use these clips for?
Anything your heart desires, my friend. You can use them as ringtones, computers SFX, fanmade videos, etc. You WILL NOT, however, try to make profit out of it. All of the clips belong to Ubisoft, and music belongs to their respective producers and artists. Selling things that are not yours is a big no-no.

3. How are you getting the clips?
Check this page for instructions. 

4. Do I need to ask permission to use the clips?
Not at all! Whatever is found in this blog is free.

5. Do I have to credit you if I use any of your clips?
It’s highly appreciated, but not necessary. But I’m sure you would recommend this blog to others, right? (: 

6. How come do you don’t have many sounds from the first Assassin’s Creed?
Unfortunately, the programs I’m using for the later series AC1. I have yet to find a program or method that will extract sounds in fairly good quality. Currently, I am replaying the game with the music and SFX off to record to voice clips. Music and voice are off when recording SFX. 

7. Do you take requests?
I certainly do. Just make one in the ask box.

8. How about submissions?
Of course! Please do share your work especially if you have used any of the clips from the blog. However, please do not make requests through submissions or fan mail, or they will be deleted.

9. How long does it take you to answer requests?
It varies. If it’s one particular voice clip from major characters, I can post it as soon as you made the request. Dialogues, sound effects, music, etc. can take a little longer as they are more complex. Clips from AC1 will take the longest to answer because of problems mentioned in question #6.

10. Do you run any other blogs like this one?
Yes. I also run a flOw/Flower/Journey blog.

11. I’m looking a certain clip. How do I find it?!
First, check the tag list. The clips are divided into which game it is heard in or a tag link of their name if it is a character. I know it’s a lot to go through, but there’s a 72% chance that you will find what you are looking for. If it’s not there at all, make a request in the ask box. 

12. How come you don’t have download links anymore?
Apparently hosting sites don’t like it when too many people click on shared links. If you would like to have these audio clips, use safe and totally free programs such as TumTaster or JDownloader. Check this post on how to download clips.

13.  When do you start posting clips from the newest AC game?
Depends on when I get the game and when I finish it, along with when the PC version is released (see next question). The most I’ll post in the beginning are soundtracks as they are released earlier than the game itself and provide the least amount of spoilers.

14. What console do you play Assassin’s Creed?
Playstation 3. I extract sounds from the PC versions my friends kindly let me borrow to get the necessary files. 

15. Can you post a super duper clean (i.e. no background music, sfx, voices, etc.) clip from a trailer/video??
As much as I would love to, I do not have the program or the exceptional skills to do so. There’s been attempts but the results were rather poor. It’s almost impossible to filter out every background noise without the original audio. Unless there’s the original floating around, I can’t do it. 

16. Will you make more audio clip collections on Youtube like before?
Most likely not. See my reason here.

17. Assassins or Templars?
You kidding? It’s all about the minstrels! (But my loyalty lies to the Assassins of course).
18. I have a question but it’s not answered here!!
The ask box is always opened for queshuns.